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30th March 2013

with_rainfall8:09pm: Title: Roll Away Your Stone
Rating: M for sexual content in one chapter, which I've warned for in the chapter notes for the relevant chapter. The rest of the story is T.
Challenge: Table Three for 5sentence_fics (plus a few extra).
Character/s: Lark, Crane, Rosethorn. Platonic and romantic.

Warnings: Mature content in one chapter.
Notes: I'd prefer that you review at FFN itself.

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17th October 2012

with_rainfall8:29pm: Calm Before the Storm - Briar and Tris, 5 sentence challenges
Title: Calm before the Storm
Rating: T
Challenge: Table Four for 5sentence_fics (plus a few extra).
Character/s: Briar-and-Tris-centric, but featuring other characters as well. Some will be romantic (B/T), some platonic (B&T).
Warnings: Circlecest is the major one, though others are listed in the individual fics.
Notes: If you can, please comment only at FFN. I like to have my reviews in one place :)

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15th October 2012

cranky__crocus9:29pm: Title: Dreams
Genre: Femslash one-shot dream-fic
Rating: NC-17 (firmly NC-17 in parts)
Word Count: ~1,200
Series: Pre-Circle of Magic
Summary: Rosethorn has been having nude-in-public nightmares; Lark creates a magical sleep to help Rosethorn work through it.
Notes: I think I was 15 when I wrote this, so many a year ago; while I have edited it pretty extensively, it's still not going to be up to my current standards of writing. Nonetheless I DID write it and I'm trying to get myself into the habit of posting things around in the hopes that it'll make me finally get through all my fandom fic and get it up everywhere. (: I hope you like it well enough!

Also, my headcanon for Rosethorn has always been that she's sort of stocky and sturdy but not necessarily big, which always struck home for me as I've always felt that way as well. I apologise if any of the lines in this fic read as body-shaming; I was writing it to be body-positive but I above all know how easily I make mistakes!

[Crossposted to another TP community.]

( Follow the Fake Cut: Dreams )

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7th October 2012

meatball4211:10am: Even the Blackest Nights Have Stars

Title: Even the Blackest Nights Have Stars
Rating: G
Characters/pairings: Sandry, Lark
Warnings (including spoilers): Won’t make a lot of sense if you haven’t read Magic Steps.
Wordcount: 627 words
Summary: Sandry’s nightmares are getting worse, and she’s willing to do anything to stop them.

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6th July 2011

mintpearlvoice9:20am: Briar/Flick sentences

After reading Briar's Book, I went on a mad search for some Briar/Flick fanfiction; finding none, I've been forced to write my own. Sentence themes are from 1sentence’s Gamma set. Enjoy!

Rise... rise... and fall.Collapse )

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20th June 2011

peroxidepirate8:51pm: Fanfic Decathlon

Goldenlake is an open membership discussion forum dedicated to the works of Tamora Pierce, including all series and universes!

The Goldenlake Decathlon is a Tamora Pierce fanfiction challenge where authors attempt to complete ten fic-events (5 track and 5 field) for a chosen couple or character within 30 days. Character and couple claiming starts June 23, and discussion and planning is already happening! New members are welcome!

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28th April 2011

lexaprose12:32pm: Title: Rescue
Rating: PG
Summary: Tris goes down to the sea to escape Sandry’s holiday cheer.

That’s twice now I rescued youCollapse )

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3rd April 2011

cranky__crocus9:29pm: Lark's Smile
Title: Lark's Smile
Fandom: Tamora Pierce || Emelan || (Pre-) Circle of Magic
Rating: R
Type: Femslash
Wordcount: 7,630
Characters: Rosethorn, Lark, Crane
Summary: Lark just smiled.
Disclaimer: This is a fan-work and I do not own the material recognisable from the original works. This is not for profit and no infringement is intended.
Notes: Hello all! I have been working through my old writing for my new writing journal/community kiwi_calamus and am starting with Emelan stories. I thought I would actually post this one around. And, er, since I didn’t really find many Emelan livejournal places, if you know of any other communities that might like seeing this sort of fic, please let me know and I’ll post there too! (:

I actually edited this one to the point that it comes close to my present-day writing; I wrote the original when I was 14-16, probably in an evening (because I was way cooler in high school, honestly). It doesn't deal with Crane the way I would nowadays but I don't think the story would have lasted if I revamped it that way. Hopefully you can enjoy it! If you feel like reading more I do have a masterlist that I am adding to with each story I edit and post; there are other (mainly Rosethorn/Lark) stories there, but a lot of them are probably sillier than this one. :Þ Do let me know if you think I should post the rest of my Rosethorn/Lark stories as I edit through the others I have left!

Lark’s Smile [Fake Cut]
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29th November 2010

rosaxx5010:12am: Almost Like Daylight (1/1, PG-13, Circle of Magic)
Title: Almost Like Daylight (1/1)
Author: icecreamlova (rosaxx50)
Characters: Sandry, Lark, (Briar, Tris, Daja), OCs
Warnings/Rating: Implied torture, violence, creepiness, PG-13
Spoilers: CoM, CO, vague WotE
Genre(s): Horror, Angst, Character Study
Summary: She won't, won't, won't... Except, in the end, she does. Lady Sandrilene fa Toren, and the monster within. When everyone else is gone, there is nothing to catch you if you fall. (~3600 words)
Notes: Written for the October Challenge at the Tamora Pierce Experiment: Writing Challenges forum on ff.net. Challenge Element: Monster

(Dark!Sandry ahead)

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rosaxx5010:07am: Wish For A Full Moon (1/1, PG, Will of the Empress)
Title: Wish For A Full Moon (1/1)
Author: icecreamlova (rosaxx50)
Characters: Gorse, Berenene; Gorse/Berenene
Warnings/Rating: Crack pairing, PG
Spoilers: CoM, WotE
Genre(s): Romance
Summary: She used her exquisite ability to understand, and laughed, vivacious, burning, the life of the court, making his heart skip a beat - but surely, that was just the dance. (~4200 words)
Notes: Written for the August Challenge at the Tamora Pierce Experiment: Writing Challenges forum on ff.net. Write a crack pairing as realistically as possible.

Wish For A Full Moon

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7th October 2010

odette_river9:36pm: ash and sand - rosethorn/lark, crane/rosethorn
Title: Ash and Sand
Pairings: Rosethorn/Lark, Crane/Rosethorn
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,036
Summary: She remembers that tumbler who walked into her life and changed everything. She says, “I love you.”
Spoilers: Vague spoilers for the whole series.

it's running through my hands

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31st July 2010

tp_kinkmod1:42am: Kink Meme Opening
 Hello, loves. If this isn't allowed please feel free to delete! I do hope people are interested.

I just started a kink meme for Ms. Pierce's works and of course The Circle series is more than welcome. Whether or not it's femmeslash, slash, het, gen, porn, fluffy feelings all are welcome. 

Please visiti the journal, www.tp-kinkmod.livejournal.com to post prompts and fill prompts!

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27th July 2010

quasarctic9:51am: Title: Radiance
Rating: G.
Fandom: Post WotE and Melting Stones
Summary: Drabble. In which Briar overcomes spiritual inertia; with a little help.
Notes: Originally posted at Goldenlake, as part of the drabbles tournament

The actual storyCollapse )

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15th June 2010

thegraduate093:58pm: Title: Affection
Author: thegraduate09
Word Count: 309
Fandom: Circle of Magic & Sequels.
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes it's too late to get close to someone even when it shouldn't be.
Author's Note: I'm not entirely sure where this came from, but it was very determined to be written. No real pairing, although you could read it as Briar/Tris/Sandry/Daja all together, I guess. It's old, I'm just now cross posting it from ff.net.

(Read more.)

Title: Strawberries
Author: thegraduate09
Word Count: 78
Fandom: Circle of Magic & Sequels.
Pairing: I could tell you, but I think it'll be better if I don't.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She'd honestly not seen this coming.
Author's Note: A drabble, set in summertime. Mentions of femmeslash, if that bothers you, don't read.

(Read more.)

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26th July 2009

ubiquitous_girl1:19pm: Peculiar Pairings Ficathon!

The Goldenlake Message Board, together with piercefic, is hosting the Peculiar Pairings Ficathon.

The Ficathon will be run from August 1st to 31st.

All sorts of weird and wonderful pairings are welcome.

More information can be found here

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1st June 2009

ubiquitous_girl12:07am: Giantkiller Fanzine Released!!!
The first issue of Giantkiller, the Tamora Pierce fanzine by Goldenlake, is now officially released!! Featuring an exclusive Q&A with Tamora Pierce herself, and plenty of other awesome stuff!!! :D For those who wish to see it on lj instead of the Goldenlake board, you can also access it at gk_fanzine

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17th April 2009

treanz10:08pm: Goldenlake Drabble Tournament

The Goldenlake Message Board, together with [info]piercefic, is hosting the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament.

The competition prompts are released on April 24th.

The competition runs from May 1st to 31st.

Competition rules and prize information is here.

Judging panel applications are here.

See piercefic , fief_goldenlake  or Goldenlake for futher updates :)

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10th April 2009

treanz1:40pm: New Message Board - Goldenlake
A new Tamora Pierce message board has been launched! Goldenlake is the sister board of piercefic and opened on April 1st. It features areas for discussion on all things Tamora Pierce, fanfiction and fanart forums, writing prompts, a chat room, and lots of competitions! It is hosting next month's Goldenlake Drabble Tournament, as well as the Autumn Exchange, and Piercefic 09. It is already busy, with more than 3700 posts and 60 members!

I encourage everyone to join :)

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21st March 2009

treanz8:41pm: Calling all Tamora Pierce Fans!
A new Tamora Pierce board is about to be launched, and is currently open for test members! Goldenlake  is the sister board of </a></b></a>piercefic. It features areas for discussion on all things Tamora Pierce, fanfiction and fanart forums, a chat room, drabble prompts, a resources site, a fanzine and lots of competitions! This year it will co-host the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament, the Autumn Exchange, and Piercefic 09. It is already fairly busy, with more than 800 posts in just over a week (and only a handful of test members)!

I really encourage everyone to join before the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament is launches on April 1st - the same day the board officially opens to the public!

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5th February 2009

odette_river10:27pm: walk in darkness - rosethorn fic
Title: Walk in Darkness
Fandom: The Circle of Magic
Pairing: Lark/Rosethorn, Crane/Rosethorn
Rating: PG-13 to possible R (!) for violence
Word Count: 500
Spoilers: For Will of the Empress and possibly Melting Stones
Summary: Briar is there, superimposed over a man who died protecting his younger sister. The younger sister is Evvy, and she is dead, too.

when the cold of winter comes starless night will cover day in the veiling of the sun we will walk in bitter rain

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22nd January 2009

laleia12:19am: I come bearing fanfic
Title: Variations on a Theme
Fandom: Circle of Magic
Rating: G (?)
Word Count: 4,490
Summary: Five ways Tris did or did not reconcile with her family, and then the other time.

Theme: Tris meets her parents.

I wrote this fanfic a while back (last year) and realized just now that apparently I was in and had posting access to this community, and figured I might as well put it up. There's an ff.net version here.

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5th December 2008

treanz4:08pm: Piercefic 08 is accepting entries!

Piercefic 08


piercefic 08 is officially open and accepting entries!

There is no limit to the number of fics you can enter, so get busy!

There are great prizes up for grabs - the first entry for the Tortall category, and the first entry for the Emelan category have already won paid user accounts! There are more paid accounts and amazon book vouchers up for grabs :)

For the official guidelines, see here.

To add piercefic to your friends list, click here.

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29th October 2008

treanz1:52pm: Piercefic 08 - userpics!

Piercefic 08

Official Userpics

The amazing[info]ubiquitous_girl has made a bunch of  Piercefic 08 userpics in anticipation of the Dec 08 fanfic drive!



You can find more here at [info]piercefic!

Click here for details about Piercefic 08.


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26th October 2008

treanz1:13pm: Piercefic 08!

Piercefic 08 is up and running!

Check out the details so far here,

Vote on the additional categories here,

Sign-up for judging here,

Or add [info]piercefic to your friends list here.


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2nd March 2008

odette_river3:35pm: Title: It's a maze, this garden
Fandom: Emelan
Claim: Crane/Rosethorn
Rating: R-ish for inexplicit sex
Word Count: 1338
Summary: She slams the door shut leaving him outside, which doesn’t work very well, because there are no locks.

a girl at work in her garden grew to love me

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