Kat (treanz) wrote in circle_fic,

Calling all Tamora Pierce Fans!

A new Tamora Pierce board is about to be launched, and is currently open for test members! Goldenlake  is the sister board of </a></b></a>piercefic. It features areas for discussion on all things Tamora Pierce, fanfiction and fanart forums, a chat room, drabble prompts, a resources site, a fanzine and lots of competitions! This year it will co-host the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament, the Autumn Exchange, and Piercefic 09. It is already fairly busy, with more than 800 posts in just over a week (and only a handful of test members)!

I really encourage everyone to join before the Goldenlake Drabble Tournament is launches on April 1st - the same day the board officially opens to the public!
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